Stepsis Wants To Be A Good Girl!

Stepsis Wants To Be A Good Girl

Bratty Sis Madi Collins

Madi Collins may be a bad girl, but she’s decided to turn over a new leaf. This Stepsis Wants To Be A Good Girl. She needs her stepbrother Jason’s help to do it. Since Madi only owns slutty clothes, she needs to borrow money to buy a few more demure outfits. Jason will only lend Madi cash at a high-interest rate or if she sucks his dick. Madi figures it’ll only be a wise economic decision to suck her stepbrother’s dick instead of paying back a ton of money.

Still skeptical, Jason points out they’ve done this many times before and that Madi enjoys it. Right before taking Jason on in a deep-throat blowjob, Madi swears it’s the last time because she’s a good girl now. She insists that Jason cum fast and that she’s not enjoying it. The next day, Madi studies to pursue her new good girl lifestyle. Jason tells her that he’s been thinking about it, and he’s come to a decision.

Madi has been asking to use Jason’s car, and he’ll let her do it, but only if she lets him fuck her from behind. She agrees, but only if he allows her to study while they’re boning. Jason gets behind Madi, tugs up her miniskirt, and peels off her panties so he can slide in from behind. Although she initially tries to pretend she does not love every inch of her step brothers dick inside her teenage pussy. Madi soon gives up the pretense. Pushing Jason onto his back, Madi goes about having her way with him.

Bratty Sis Madi Collins

Stepsis Wants To Be A Good Girl - S21:E10

Another blowjob lets Madi suck her juices from Jason’s fuck stick is just the beginning. She straddles Jason’s thighs to sink on him in reverse cowgirl, which gives Jason the chance to admire his spinner step sisters supple ass with plenty of squeezes and spankings. Madi then rubs her clit as she bounces away on Jason’s hard-on. She turns around again so Jason can hold her in place and pound her young pussy. When Madi finally falls onto her back, Jason gives it to her pink porn pussy until she moans one last time. Pulling out, he gives his stepsis a facial that covers her glasses. When Jason tries to call Madi on how bad and slutty her behavior just was, Madi agrees. She is indeed a slut for her stepbrother. So much for Stepsis Wants To Be A Good Girl!

Actors: Madi Collins