Step Sis Likes To Suck Dicks!

Step Sis Likes To Suck Dicks

Step Sis Likes To Suck Dicks - S15:E6

Bratty Sis Destiny Cruz has left a mess in the house and her stepbrother, Tyler Steel, is sick of it! He is ready to confront Destiny about her filthy living habits, but he can’t find her until he looks out the window. That’s when he sees his baby stepsis on her knees blowing some random dude. His Step Sis Likes To Suck Dicks! Tyler decides to record Destiny doing the nasty. When Destiny is unhappy about being talked to about the messes, she leaves.

Tyler tells her that she will have to clean up or he’ll show the video to their parents. Destiny tries to grab the phone from Tyler. They chase into the living room. Of course, if Destiny wants to find a different compromise, Tyler is open to it… Cock loving Destiny is happy enough to care for Tyler’s needs if he deletes the video. She drops to her knees and pulls out his hard dick to lick and stroke.

Sucking Tyler in a deep-throat blowjob gets Destiny’s motor running, so they relocate to the bedroom to take care of business. Destiny gives Tyler another blowjob, strips off her clothes, and sinks her tight teen pussy onto his cock. Riding in reverse cowgirl, she leans forward to enhance the angle of penetration. When Destiny turns around to continue her ride, her hairy teenage pussy is a total turn-on for Tyler.

Bratty Sis Destiny Cruz

Bratty Sis Destiny Cruz

Getting his stepsis on her hands and knees, Tyler shoves into her from behind to give it to her doggy style. Panting with delight, Destiny rocks back to meet Tyler’s every stroke. Then she rolls onto her back and welcomes Tyler back home into her pink porn pussy. When she has enjoyed a final orgasm, Destiny sits up and watches greedily as Tyler strokes himself off that last little bit. Opening wide, she gets as much of Tyler’s cum as she can into stepsister Destiny’s mouth as he delivers a brotherly facial. This Step Sis Likes to Suck Dicks, Indeed! 😉

Actors: Destiny Cruz