Step Daughter Cant Stay Out Of Trouble!

Step Daughter Cant Stay Out Of Trouble

Step Daughter Cant Stay Out Of Trouble - S14:E8

Zoe Oliver’s milf mom, Lynsie Lee, calls her ex-husband, Marcus London. His former Step Daughter Cant Stay Out Of Trouble and is on the way over. He knows all too well this scenario will be Bad For Dad! Marcus owes Lynsie a favor or three, so he reluctantly agrees to watch the wild child and keep her occupied. Zoe wastes no time pushing Marcus’s buttons by asking if he has any pot. Then he unknowingly takes her to a dealer so she can score some weed. Sorry, not Sorry Dad!

Later, Zoe sneaks in on Marcus and pervs on him while he’s in the shower. Cracking open a cold one, Zoe waits for Marcus to notice she’s there. She continues to harass Marcus when he comes downstairs dressed for success sexually. When Marcus leaves for work, he instructs Zoe not to burn the house down and trusts her to be on good behavior. Later, when Marcus returns from work, he finds Zoe naked and masturbating her hairy teen pussy in the living room.

The next day, Marcus takes Zoe hiking. She can’t get in trouble, right? Wrong! She’s not enjoying the heat and has to pee. Zoe tells Marcus to wait for her and then disappears. After she pees, Zoe decides to smoke a joint before she begins another masturbation session in the shade. Marcus is pissed when he finds her finger fucking her young pussy. Zoe is beyond horny and wants some of her former stepdad’s dick. However, when Marcus resists, Zoe threatens to call her mom. That makes Marcus agree to do whatever Zoe wants, even if that means doing… Zoe!

Suddenly, he finds his stepdaughter on her knees with his cock in her mouth before he’s even had time to hang up the phone. With the promise of hardcore teen fun, the taboo daddy-daughter duo speeds home to finish what they started. Once they’re in bed, Marcus is no longer hesitant and lets Zoe deep-throat his veiny shaft. Then he peels her clothes off to finally finger her hairy teen pussy before he goes down on her clit.

Zoe Oliver Step Siblings Caught

Zoe Oliver Step Siblings Caught

When Zoe has finished riding Daddy’s face, she climbs on his cock. Marcus finds her young pussy nice and tight as she rides him in cowgirl and then in reverse cowgirl. They then slow things down with some more intimate spooning sex. Marcus moves Zoe on her back to drive balls-deep into her hot teen pussy before rolling onto her stomach, Marcus fills her with every inch of his dick until she’s cumming on his cock. Then she flips her to her back so he can pull out just in time to coat her freshly fucked teen pussy lips in cum. Satisfied, they agree they won’t tell Lynsie about their new Mutual Attraction!

Actors: Zoe Oliver