My Stepsister Sucked My Dick!

My Stepsister Sucked My Dick

My Step Sister Sucked My Dick During Online Class - S14:E7

Ever since COVID-19 lockdown began, Bratty Sis Angelica Cruz has been stuck in the same house as her stepbrother, Kyle Mason. There’s simply no other dick to be had. What is a sex-crazed step-sister to do? The obvious answer is to fuck her stepbrother. Angelica tries to put her plan to action. She waits until Kyle has gotten out of bed then sneaks under the covers, nearly nude, to wait for him.

Kyle finds Angelica when he returns. However, instead of giving in to her inappropriate demands, he kicks her ass out. Angelica is still horny as fuck and won’t be denied some dick. She waits until Kyle is online for his class, then she enters the room. Kyle has difficulty concentrating on his studies as his sister starts flashing her tits while he’s speaking with his professor.

Angelica has even more distraction planned as she crawls underneath the desk and pulls Kyle’s cock out to suck. Angelica keeps up her blowjob until Kyle turns off his camera so that he can give his stepsister the tight pink teen pussy pounding she’s been asking for. Pulling Angelica’s big ass close, Kyle slams his cock balls deep inside. Their doggy style taboo fuck gets even hotter when Kyle sits down at his computer desk and pulls his stepsister into his lap.

Angelica impales herself on his manhood with a satisfied smile, bouncing in a rhythm that leaves her wanting even more. Shoving his computer aside, Kyle maneuvers Angelica onto the desk. This position leaves Angelica quivering from one final orgasm, which pushes Kyle to the edge as well. He pulls out of Angelica Cruz‘s freshly fucked teen pussy with his load.

Caught on Camera Climax

My Stepsister Sucked My Dick and Fucked Me

That’s when Kyle finally realizes that he did not turn off his camera. In fact, the entire class just witnessed the entire step-sibling fuckfest! If the subject matter is on My Stepsister Sucked My Dick, Kyle earns an A+ with some extra credit for capturing it all on cam!

Actors: Angelica Cruz