Stepdaughters Home Check-Up!

Stepdaughters Home Check-Up

Stepdaughters Home Check-Up

Mommy’s Girl Laney Grey is in her bedroom. She appears to be waiting expectantly for someone when she hears the front door open, then closes. Her MILF stepmom, Serene Siren, then calls out ‘Honey, I’m home!’ That is all that is needed for Laney to perk up. Just hearing Serene’s voice does the trick. She quickly hops into her bed, pulling the covers up to her chin. Next, Laney puts on a miserable expression as she waits for Serene.

By now, it’s clear that Laney is totally faking being sick. Moments later, Serene pops her head back into Laney’s room. Suddenly, this entire scenario starts to make sense. Serene is wearing her lab coat complete with a stethoscope draped around her neck. What? You didn’t know Seren Siren was a doctor? Things start to get interesting as Laney informs her stepmother that she’s not feeling well, asking Serene to examine her to see what’s wrong.

This is all part of Laney’s devious sexual plot. Serene is completely professional and doesn’t react even as Laney takes off her shirt. The examination begins as Laney gives a hint of a smirk as she peels her top off. Serene begins the examination by asking Laney to open her mouth so that she can look at her throat. She doesn’t have her usual medical instruments, however, Serene finds nothing wrong with Laney’s throat.

From there, Serene examines the rest of Laney’s hot body. As the examination continues, Laney seems to be loving this close contact with Serene. Even so, she hides it well, suppressing her delight and ultimate intention. Serene maintains her composure and doesn’t seem to notice. Finally, Serene concludes nothing is wrong with Laney. She then confronts Laney, who admits that she was faking her sickness to get closer to her mommy.

Mommy’s Girl Laney Grey

Mommy's Girl Laney Grey and Serene Siren

Serene has been so busy with work lately, Laney feels left out. She tells Serene that there is only one way she can make it up to her. By having lesbian sex with her! After some initial resistance, Serene Siren leans in and kisses Laney as only a mommy can. This is the best stepdaughters home check-up ever for Laney Grey!