Scheming Stepsister Aubrey Gold!

Scheming Stepsister Aubrey Gold

Step Siblings Caught

Aubrey Gold is caught red-handed on camera by stepbrother Damon Dice admitting that she failed a geometry test. This is the perfect opportunity to allow Damon to finally obtain what he wants for his smoking hot stepsister. Aubrey unwillingly consents to suck Damon’s dick so that he won’t divulge the truth about her flunking her latest geometry examination.

Reluctantly, she gets down on her knees in front of Damon’s hardening cock. Aubrey’s wet lips swallow her stepbrother’s dick as she expertly strokes during the long-awaited blowjob. Soon she begins giving in to her desire for Damon, Aubrey can’t keep her legs closed. Jumping onto the bed, she spreads herself wide to ensure that Damon can touch her tight pink teen pussy as he stretches her thong up into her slit.

Damon joins Aubrey on the bed and provides her a pre-fuck pink pussy licking. Aubrey prepares to get her teen pussy pounded balls deep into oblivion. Damon takes advantage of Aubrey’s readiness by fucking her on her back and belly. Then he lays down on the bed to make sure that his stepsister can hop up and down on his fuck stick. Aubrey rides cock like a pro while Damon smacks and grabs her hot ass.

Step Siblings Caught Creampie


Aubrey Gold Creampie

By the time Aubrey has reached a much-appreciated orgasm, Damon can’t hold his climax back one more stroke. He is prepared to cum and tries to yank his cock out, but Aubrey pulls him back in. Damon then unloads his baby batter into her freshly fucked pussy. This is definitely not what Damon had expected from his stepsister. Is she even on any form of fucking birth control? Looks like he will find out in nine months the hard way! As the taboo creampie oozes from Aubrey Gold’s pink folds another episode of Step Siblings Caught from Nubiles-Porn cums to a close!

Actors: Aubrey Gold