My Stepsisters Masturbate Together!

Stepsisters Masturbate Together

My Step Sisters Masturbate Together - S13:E3

Brad Sterling is chillin’ with his hot stepsister, Vanna Bardot, and their equally hot adopted sister, Jewelz Blu. The girls can’t keep their hands off their teen titties and tight pink teen pussies. The ladies share a bedroom. More importantly, they have a secret codeword they use if they wish to be alone to masturbate. Both Vanna and Jewelz find themselves horny at the same time so it makes perfect sense for stepsisters to masturbate together!

They do not want stepbrother Brad to get suspicious, so they go back to the living room together. They offer to do Brad’s work around the house so he can leave and go hang with his buddies. When Brad leaves to go get ready, the women discuss how dumb he is for thinking that they’ll actually do all the work for him as promised. In return, he pretends to leave and decides to stick around to see what his stepsisters have planned during his supposed absence.

As soon as the women believe Brad is gone, they abandon their tasks and relocate to the bedroom. Laying side by side in the bed, each Vanna and Jewelz moves her hands into her shorts. It doesn’t take long for them to both agree that there’s really no reason to keep their clothes on. Consequently, they ditch the shorts and pull their t-shirts up for easy access as the smoking hot stepsisters masturbate together.

Step Siblings Caught Fucking

Step Siblings Caught Jewelz Blue Vanna Bardot Fucking

Brad pervs for a while awaiting the opportune moment to walk in on them as they inch their teen pussies toward self-induced mutual orgasm. Brad walks in and interrupts the fun and declares he’s gonna tell their mother and father. Jewelz offers to let Brad stay and enjoy the masturbatory view if he keeps his fucking mouth shut. Jewelz is quite into it, even if Vanna isn’t.

She does not say a word when Brad takes out his cock and starts stroking himself off with them. Jewelz can’t control herself and begins stroking Brad’s manhood with her hand. She can’t control her sexual urges and her dripping wet pussy desires more than what she’s getting. Ultimately, Jewelz gets on her hands and knees while Vanna protests that this is simply not right.

Brad doesn’t say no to the opportunity to fuck his adopted step sis Jewelz. As Vanna watches, her feeling of the taboo ultimately fades to just being horny as fuck. Jewelz brings Vanna in on the action by eating her stepsister out. Then advises Vanna to let Brad bang her, too, while Jewlez plants her wet pink pussy in her face. The women get Brad on his back so each of them can take turns riding his dick and mouth.

Stepsisters Cum Swap

Vanna Bardot Jewelz Blue Facial


This Step Siblings Caught episode cums to an end as Vanna and Jewelz hop off the cock to share Brad’s dick together. Their tag team blowjob brings Brad to climax and after that lap up his jizz so they can cumswap and share a kiss to mutually enjoy his orgasm before kicking him out. For more taboo family roleplay be sure and check out Jewelz Blue and Vanna Bardot at Family Swap and My Family Pies!