Erotic Tanya Fucks Herself!

Erotic Tanya Fucks Herself

Erotic Tanya allows her hands stroke her skin lightly as her fingers tracked down her soft belly to her tight pink teen pussy. She splits her lips with her hands as she allowed her finger graze her swollen clitoris, slick with her juices. In her mind, she has all her fans in front of her in her bedroom. She visualizes the collective head of a huge cock as the tokens begins to fly into her account. She fingers her wet pink pussy, teasing her fans unmercifully as the sound of tokens spent feed her fans desire to kick things up a notch.

Now, Tanya reaches under her butt with two fingers of her other hand, fucking herself with them as she visualizes herself being fucked from behind doggy style. It feels so fucking good and she gets paid to do it! The thrill of sensations flood over her as she fees her teen pussy tightening up on her fingers as the first wave of her orgasm shake her body to the core. Her breathing is labored and thanks for customers in a post climax rough gasp as even more tokens are deposited into her virtual bank account.

Next, Tanya lays back on her cushion, as orgasmic sensations continue to ripple in total satisfaction. Tanya’s breathing has slowed down now as she contemplates her round two strategy. She knows the crowd came to play and spend their money to subsidize Tanya fucking every orifice on her body. She works the chrome butt plug into her tight browneye before plunging the big brown dildo deep into her cunt. This self imposed double penetration drives the chatroom nuts!

Once Tanya has “made bank” for the night, it’s pure pleasure from there! She becomes a one woman orgasm machine as the live cam crowd continues to spend their tokens with delight. After nearly two hours f non-stop masturbating, Tanya decides it’s time for the grand fucking finale. She envisions the entire group stroking their throbbing cocks, and feeling their hot cum showering her clitoris and pulsating honey hole.

Erotic Tanya Members-Only Orgasm

She then advises the room that only fan club members can view the final part of the show as signups occur at a record pace. Erotic Tanya is nearly spent but, it going to give her members what it take to make them cum buckets. She fucks herself with her fingers, nearly fisting herself as she squirts what seems to be a never ending stream of clear female fluid. Totally spent, she thanks her new fan club members, then blows the collective room a goodnight kiss. This hottie knows how to cam!

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