Harley Jameson: Too Much Time On Her Hands!

Harley Jameson: Too Much Time On Her Hands!

The staff at Tight Pink Teen was feeling a little nostalgic today as the rained poured outside our office. We hearken back to our younger days when we in our final year of high school or for some first year of college. There was always this dirty girl in class that you would eye fuck every chance you got, right? Well, in this extremely short video update, we can all relate to the boredom and frustration caused by too much homework! Meet naughty school Harley Jameson who (with apologies to the classic rock group STYX) has Too Much Time On Her Hands!

Perhaps, we should thank our former professors for giving us all that homework but, some of that shit was just so fucking boring. No to be confused with the awesome European No Boring website! Seriously, when was the last time anyone used algebra? We always found the key to making any homework assignment more tolerable was to find a hot study partner! If we were lucky we would at least start making out by the end or the study session or if we were really fortunate to salvage a handjob (or really really lucky, Fellatio) out of the evening!

While none of us had the total hottie Harley Jameson in our class, we sure as hell would have been more than willing to tutor her to success. Unfortunate for us but fortunate for our loyal viewers is that we get to see what Harley Jameson does when she gets burned out studying; she masturbates her pink pussy to oblivion! We realize there are numerous types of masturbation video on the web but, we have the pleasure of seeing Harley Jameson in all of her glory and she’s not faking one bit. This chick loves her very own teen pussy!

Well enough about this hottie, let’s inspect what we expect. We expect this naughty blonde to ditch the books and her schoolgirl attire before getting down to masturbatory business. Lucky for us, we get to watch this all too short clip as she caresses her perky nipples and tight teen body. We sincerely apologize for this but, we would rather have a little Harley Jameson video than none at all! Harley Jameson has a well used meat flap teen pussy which doesn’t make her a bad girl, or does it? We gasp in amazement as she rubs and spreads her privates showcasing the tight pink inside in anticipation of masturbating her teen pussy to a nice cum.

As the scene comes to a climax, Harley gets on all fours, hikes her teen ass in the air while working her clit like a champ. I’m sure we can all visualize or cocks plowing into her from behind from this perspective. Honestly, we are sure she wishes she had real cock instead of her nimble fingers. One thing the staff all agrees upon is the worst day masturbating is better that the best day of studying. We don’t know about you but, we are sure as hell pleased that Harley Jameson has “Too Much Time on Her Hands!” 😉

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