Audrey Royal is Out of Control!

Bratty Sis Audrey Royal just can’t stop thrusting her hips. In fact, her sweet panty clad ass is gyrating in an uncontrollable, almost possessed motion. This is serious shit and while we enjoy watching Audrey’s impressive areola’s bounce, someone needs to figure out what the fuck is wrong with her. It all started when she was sleeping but, now overtakes her entire body when she is awake. There is something definitely wrong with her, so she decides to confide in her handsome stepbrother Chad White.

It doesn’t take Chad long to discover Audrey having yet another shaking episode. Only this time she is playing with her pink teen pussy. Chad is only human and can’t help but enjoy the view! Audrey notices him but, doesn’t even thin of stopping as she can’t control herself. Chad decides the only possible way he can help his dear and tormented sister is to give her a hot beef injection! Chad then yanks out his cock and goes balls deep into Audrey’s pink pussy. He pounds the living daylights out of her teen pussy until it grips his girth, cumming hard on his shaft. Suddenly, Audrey’s shake, shake, shake affliction ceases.

Fast forward to the folowing day when poor Audrey has yet another convulsive attack. This time, Chad prepares his cock to administer a sperm elixir oral solution, much to the delight of his shaking sister. The two seemed pleased with the overall progress being made until the following day when Audrey erupts in massive fashion. Chad resorts to offering his throbbing dick for strictly medicinal purposes. Once again Nubiles Porn offers the proper POV camera angles to totally immerse yourself into the scene. And what a beautiful scene it is that culminates in Chad delivering a cure-all creampie deep into his sisters womb. Luck for Audrey, Chad is available for follow up visits as needed!

Actors: Audrey Royal