Blonde Teen Masturbates Deep and Sweet!


Blonde Teen Masturbates Deep and Sweet!

We all agree here at Tight Pink Teens that we wish our local Bank gave out these kind of Lollipops when we cashed our weekly paychecks. Can’t you just see one of the horny staff rolling up to the drive thru window, depositing their check and asking, “Ma’am, may I please have a Pink Pussy Flavored Lollipop? 😉 Well, we could see this scenario going a couple different ways, the hottest would involved an eighteen year old bank teller intern unwrapping the sucker and sliding it discreetly into her pink teen pussy before putting it back in the drive thru tray. With a customer service friendly smile she then tells you to enjoy the nice new teen pussy flavor lollipop! Check out this video clip we have christened; Blonde Teen Masturbates Deep and Sweet! Literally!

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