Whos Your Favorite?

Whos Your Favorite?

Bratty Sis Allie Addison, Harmony Wonder

Whos Your Favorite begins as Jason visits his niece by marriage, Allie Addison, and her stepsister, Harmony Wonder. Uncle J asks Harmony if she wants to go to the fair with him, and the girls wind up arguing over it as Jason walks in. He says that if the girls get along, he will take both girls. Instead of making things better, Uncle J’s offer makes things worse. The girls start arguing, and Harmony reveals that she must be the favorite because Jason let her suck his dick once.

Jason points out that that was supposed to be a secret, but the dick is already out of the pants. Now Allie wants a crack at sucking Uncle J’s cock. The girls chase Uncle J into the bedroom and corner him on the bed, where Allie relieves him of his pants and starts sucking. Harmony isn’t going to let Allie have all the fun. She stands there for a while, feeling up her teen tits and big ass until she can no longer resist the taboo temptation. She swaps places with Allie, but it’s not long before the girls start sucking cock together.

Harmony eventually gets to her feet and slides down on Uncle J’s dick as Allie helps her feel good. Then the girls once again switch. After another blowjob, the girls each take turns climbing on top of Uncle J so they can explore what it feels like to ride his stiff dick. Harmony gets the first go, but it’s not long before Allie gives Uncle J a reverse cowgirl ride. The girls love Uncle J’s big cock as Harmony takes it on her back while Allie rides her face.

Bratty Sis Allie Addison & Harmony Wonder

Whos Your Favorite - S13:E3

Then Allie mirrors Harmony’s previous position, complete with having her stepsister’s teenage pussy in her mouth. Harmony gets it from behind on her belly as she feasts on Allie. As Uncle J gets close to cumming, the girls lay side by side so he can fuck them both. They finish their threesome with Allie licking the dripping creampie from Harmony’s freshly fucked young pussy. Whos Your Favorite and Whos Dirty Now? Who cares? The girls are getting along much better, ready to go to the fair as a sexually satisfied family.