Whos Dirty Now?

Whos Dirty Now?

Whos Dirty Now - S16:E7

Busty Bratty Sis Percy Sires is sick and tired of knowing whos dirty now! In fact, she is the only one around her house that has any sense of cleanliness. Her stepbrother, Damon Dice, is pretty dirty when it comes to personal hygiene. He refuses to clean his hands before he eats or after he uses the restroom. Percy tries to force the issue by turning the faucet on for Damon. However, he claims it simply makes him want to piss.

Percy won’t leave, but Damon insists he can’t pee with his stepsister standing there. The only remedy is for Percy to draw his dick out and hold it for him while Damon takes a piss. This assistance only leads Damon to pop a boner. Hard, Damon won’t have the ability to piss up until he gets rid of his erection. Percy is pissed (in a different way) at the outcome. Even so, she unwillingly consents to stroke Damon’s cock so he can cum.

When her handjob doesn’t work, she hops on her knees right there in the washroom and gives him a blowjob. Percy tries her best but her oral skills aren’t able to get her stepbrother to blow his load. She then agrees to move to the bedroom where she can provide her body in Damon’s quest to cum. He is more than happy to help his sister out of her clothing so he can use her body for his horny needs.

Bratty Sis Percy Spires

Bratty Sis Percy Sires

They start things off with Percy on her hands and knees so that Damon can fuck her tight teen pussy in the doggy style position. Percy’s teenage pussy welcomes her huge brother’s fuck stick, and won’t stop until she cums as well. She hops on top of Damon for a wild reverse cowgirl cock ride. Then she stretches on the bed to ensure that Damon can glide into her young pussy while holding her ankles wide.

Damon enjoys the POV of his stepsister’s tits as they jump with each stroke as he goes balls deep. That view is all it takes to finally cover Percy in cum. As the horny step siblings bask in their taboo sex glory, Percy commits to getting dirty any time. As long as Damon washes his fucking hands, that is. Look whos dirty now!

Actors: Percy Sires