Whats In It For Me?

Whats In It For Me

Bratty Sis Kamryn Jayde

Whats in it for me begins as Tony comes home after a long day at school. Understandably, he’s pissed when he realizes the door to his bedroom is open. then he discovers his stepsister, Bratty Sis Kamryn Jayde, going through his drawers and taking his money. When Kamryn phones a friend and says she has money, Tony learns what his step sis is planning on doing with the goods. Kamryn initially lies about what she was doing in Tony’s room when confronting her.

Eventually, she comes clean when it becomes clear Tony knows what she’s been up to. In exchange for not telling their parents, Tony insists that stepsister Kamryn do something for him. He’ll make it easy, for him at least! Tony’s always liked the look of her sexy body. Kamryn starts by letting stepbrother get a glimpse of her perky natural tits. Those teen titties make Tony want more, so he urges Kamryn to take off her jeans.

Her Latina ass is incredible in its thong. Tony makes sure to take the time to enjoy each globe with firm squeezes. When Kamryn ditches her panties, Tony instructs her to get on her knees and put her lying mouth to good use, sucking his big cock. Kamryn delivers, giving him a sloppy deep throat blowjob along with some ball-sucking. Then she follows directions by getting on the bed and spreading her thighs wide.

Bratty Sis Kamryn Jayde

Whats In It For Me - S13:E9

Tony doesn’t just want his sister on her back, although he’s happy enough to start there. He takes her doggy style next so that he can admire that big ass again as he’s fucking Kamryn’s tight teen pussy. When he’s finally satisfied, Tony pulls out and lays down so that Kamryn can finish him off. The obedient Latina stepsister resumes sucking her brother’s cock until he gives her a mouthful of cum to swallow. So next time you ask, “Whats in it for me,” hopefully it involves some young pink porn pussy!

Actors: Kamryn Jayde