Hot Blondie Ella Preston Gets Wet Quickly!

Hot Blondie Ella Preston Gets Wet Quickly

Ella Preston live cam shows do it for me every time. Perhaps, it’s her sexy blonde hair but, her pink teen pussy is simply mesmerizing. Watching her squirm back and forth on her bed, her tongue flicks out across her lips. I know I’m moments from orgasm but, Edging myself like there is no tomorrow. Gazing around it feels like Ella should be here in the room with me, instead of masturbating her tight pink pussy for her loyal fans. Most of the fellow chat room members have been around for awhile with the remainder of the group newbies hoping to score a free show. Cheap bastards that can really kill a live sex cam show if a moderator doesn’t do his job.

My balls are on fire as I prepare to bust another nut courtesy of my favorite cam girl, Ella Preston. I want her to see what I’m doing, hard cock in hand, stroking vigorously. The pace quickens as the tokens start to chime giving her enough financial motivation to finger herself to her first orgasm. As her body quivers, more tokens are spent as a reward for the masturbatory performance. Some cam girls fake it, but not my blonde hair beauty. Sometimes, I wonder if she ever needs real sex at all? Truthfully, the only man I can ever see Ella with is me deep within a multitude of sexual fantasies.

Before long Ella starts working her teen pussy again for her admiring fans. This time with finger and a small dildo. Cheers via tokens flood her account as she quicken her pace toward another “cum on cam” performance. Her body shudders as her next orgasm begins to build from within. She tries to remain focused but cannot keep her eyeballs form rolling back into her head. I wonder if Ella ever thinks of just how much her cam fans desire just one opportunity to fuck her? Much like I’m dreaming about now. I would certainly try my best to please her like no other man, or woman for that matter.

Now, the tokens really start to pour into her account as imagine nearly everybody in the chat room is cheering her on to another climax. Howling out, Ella Preston cums so fucking hard feeling the orgasmic build up! As her room approaches one thousand horny viewers, I fully realize I’m just a number along with the others. However, I feel a deeper connection as Ella and I have private messaged (PM) on several occasions and I’m saving up to purchase her something special from her “wish list.”

Ella Preston Live Cam Show

Ella saves the best for last as she breaks out the ultra powerful Hitachi vibrator. I always imagined the sensation of  these battery (or electric) powered climaxes almost a little excessive. But, whom am I to judge? Instead I continue my masturbation moment, pumping my cock with piston like precision until I spew another load of “baby blanks” that will never see a real pussy. I quickly clean up my mess and send the last token tip as appreciation for our mutual orgasm. Ella Preston then places the “BRB” (Be Right Back) notice on her screen and will return momentarily to the general chat room to dance for her next round of adoring fans.

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