Debra Paige Moans of Pleasure!

Debra Paige Moans of Pleasure

Debra Paige took a deep breath and started her latest live cam sex show. She spread her toned legs and pushed her favorite dildo to her lips mimicking a fake blowjob. She then took the vibrator pointing it south toward her teen pussy, grazing her clit gently in the process. As she looked at her room attendees list, she noticed her “whale” had surprisingly not logged in yet. Alex was her favorite customer and he knew it. He spent more money with Debra than her next five customers combined. Nobody stood a chance of taking away his status as “King” of the live chat room.

Debra kept an eye on the chat screen in hopes the big tippers would show up soon. Suddenly, the screen updated and it was silently announced that “King Alex” had entered the chat room. Debra’s internal grin was selfishly driven by the sounds of tokens entering her bank account. Mesmerized by the moment, two online lovers entered their masturbatory zones.

Here they were among a growing number of room participants, but this live cam session was about them; mutual giving and receiving. Debra knows what Alex wants and starts to slowly fuck her cunt while she tenderly caresses her swollen clitoris. “Beg for me to cum slut,” Alex said softly. “I need to orgasm. Please let me orgasm! I am your mutual masturbation partner please let me cum, Debra responded!”

Alex saw Debra’s body start to shiver as she massaged her butt hole with her wet finger. Her pink teen pussy awaiting her favorite toy, as she pushed two digits deep within her well-lubed ass. Debra’s body trembled as Alex fed her account with tokens. She shrieked “I’m so fucking wet Alex!” The “King” enjoyed this verbal exchange as white cream ran down from Debra’s pouting pink pussy lips. Now it was time t get serious as Debra rammed her favorite dildo in with ease. Alex’s tip note reminded her to finger in and out of her ass while she pumped her dildo.

Wave after wave of pre-cum sensitivity crashed over Debra as her perfectly manicured toes curled downward. Moving up her body, her face still beamed in self-love approval. She took her hand and maintained the vibrator moving in and out of her pussy. Breathless and feeling like dissolved butter, Debra interacted with the chat group in a reduced husky voice, “Like what you see boys? Then, don’t be shy and let fucking those tips fly!”

Alex knew that no one was going to overtake his Kingdom. Nobody was going to butt in on his women as tey masturbated together toward a climax. The tip goal counter showed still quite a bit of token’s left for her full release on cam. King Alex, then flooded her account with 1,000 to the delight (and dismay) of his fellow live chat admirers who competitors for attention all at the same time.

Debra Paige Cums with Live Chat Client

The 1K tip was all it took to send waves of orgasmic pulses through Debra’s dildo. The electric stimulation caused her to cum quickly. In fact, more quickly than she liked. Smiling at Alex, she said, “You can cum with me anytime you wish, Alex honey.” The simple use of his name proved to the live cam room that he was the undisputed King as he blew his wad into his well-positoned tissue. Alex’s body became limp on ejaculation experiencing another amazing climax with si online fuck buddy. If you haven’t watched Debra Paige live on cam before, now is your chance!

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