Don’t Make This Weird Mommy!

Don’t Make This Weird Mommy

Sarah Vandella and Gizelle Blanco Older Younger Lesbian

Don’t Make This Weird is about hot busty stepmom Sarah Vandella offering to help her Mommy’s Girl stepdaughter Gizelle Blanco in more ways than one. Gizelle is an aspiring fashion designer and in a bind time-wise. She needs to submit her portfolio to get into a fashion school. However, the model for the last design session has backed out leaving her without a modeling subject.

To make matters even worse, the portfolio dress was made especially for her model friend because of how busty she is. Now Gizelle is worried she won’t be able to submit the assignment on time. desperate, Gizelle is reminded that her busty stepmom, Sarah Vandella would be a perfect big boobs replacement! Hopefully, stepmom Sarah will offer to help!

After explaining her predicament to Sarah, she agrees to model the dress for her budding fashion designer. Next, Gizelle has her strip down to check her measurements. Sarah is more than eager to do so, stripping down without any reservation whatsoever. Gizelle appreciates the help, but her stepmom’s attitude is becoming a bit too weird for her. Things only get more uncomfortable as Sarah keeps on chatting and pressing herself close to Gizelle.

Every time Sarah tries to get too close, physically and emotionally, Gizelle grows more and more frustrated. She doesn’t have time for extracurricular activities! Gizelle just wants this fitting to be over and done with, so she can complete her portfolio. Apparently, Sarah on the other hand has other things in mind! What will it take to get Sarah to just stay still for stepdaughter Gizelle? All she asks is, “Don’t make this weird Mommy!”

Mommy’s Girl Gizelle Blanco

Don't Make This Weird Mommy's Girl Lesbian Sex

Gizelle Blanco is a Hawaiian-born adult film actress. She was raised in Hawaii moved to Los Angeles to begin her career as an adult performer! Not surprisingly she enjoys the beach. Additional hobbies (besides sex) include painting, reading poetry, and traveling. She has developed a reputation for being super fan-friendly which makes her even more attractive. For more Gizelle please check out Step Siblings Caught and Web Young.