You’re All I Need!

You’re All I Need

Kylie Rocket and Silvia Saige in You're All I Need

You’re all I need is about a mother and daughter who can’t deny their magnetic attraction. After a shopping trip, Silvia Saige and her bubbly stepdaughter, Kylie Rocket, find themselves back home. Kylie loves Silvia’s new dress for herself and encourages her mom to get out and date again. Silvia seems a bit resistant to the idea. It’s this resistance that confuses Kylie because she knows Silvia is so hot and amazing that she can land anyone she wants!

But that’s just the problem. Silvia only wants KYLIE!

Mommy’s Girl Kylie is shocked at first at the revelation, but she’s quick to recover and admit that she’s interested in Silvia, too. She knew they’d always been close, but she thought that was just them being friends. Now that she knows what she’s been feeling is romantic, everything suddenly makes more sense.

But how will they both feel when it comes time to be sexual? There’s only one way to find out. By fucking each other!

Kylie Rocket

Mommy's Girl Kylie Rocket

Kylie Rocket was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She is of Puerto Rican descent, and she is stunningly beautiful. She has long dark brown curly hair, green eyes, and a broad smile that charms. This young lady has a scorching body that you’ll want to see at least once a day. Her 32B tits are gorgeous. Her ass is small and firm. In a word, she is stunning. Kylie entered the skin biz in 2019 has worked with top studios such as Pure Taboo, Slut Inspection, Web Young, and Zero Tolerance Films.

Silvia Saige

Silvia Saige Kylie Rocket Lesbian Sex

Silvia Saige has combined her professional comedy career with porn. It was through her romantic partner. She debuted as a porn actress in 2015, at the age of 31. Like so many other actresses who started after thirty years of age, she was labeled a MILF. Few MILF Porn entertainers possess the passion for the adult business as she does. Silvia does it all, anal sex, lesbian sex, and taboo sex with equal enthusiasm. How many women can make you laugh and cum both? Now that you’ve seen Silvia in You’re All I Need from Mommy’s Girl, why don’t you check her out at Mommy’s Boy!