Its Not Cheating If Its In The Butt!

Its Not Cheating If Its In The Butt

Younger Mommy Kendra Cole

Always remember, Its Not Cheating If Its In The Butt! Super hot Kendra Cole knows her stepson Tyler Cruise can’t stop looking at her. She dresses provocatively to entice him and goes out of her way to flirt. Finally, Kendra decides to go for it. She wants Tyler’s dick, and she’ll do whatever it takes to get it. Dressed in a tank top and a thong, Kendra cuddles into bed with Tyler while he’s napping.

She claims that she wants to make sure Tyler isn’t cold, but once he pops a big boner, it’s clear she wants more than that. Kendra has a moment to reflect on her fidelity since she doesn’t want to cheat. Then she decides that its not cheating if its in the butt. Tyler only fucks her in the ass. Licking and sucking Tyler’s big cock, Kendra gets him pumped for action. Then she has him eat her pussy and lick her ass to lube it up.

Laying Tyler down on his back, Kendra sinks to ride him, cowgirl, as he fills her browneye. Tyler gets Kendra on her knees and pounds her hot milf ass in doggy. Then she takes Tyler’s dick where it’s dark as she lays with her skinny legs spread. Pulling out, Tyler gives his Cock Hungry Stepmom the big nut she knew he was storing for her. So, what are your thoughts? Its not cheating if its in the butt, right?

Younger Mommy Kendra Cole

Its Not Cheating If Its In The Butt - S2:E10

If you enjoyed Its Not Cheating If Its In The Butt, Kendra Cole is a slutty surprise that you will surely want to enjoy again and again! This foxy redhead milf has perky tits made for sucking and a browneye that constantly craves cock. As long as it is big enough to stretch her anus to the max. Known for her fetish porn videos, you’ll want to dive face or fist-first into her pussy and eat all her sweet squirt! For more tattooed milf Kendra Cole, check her out at Burning Angel. If you’re more to lesbian and group sex, enjoy her slut hole getting tongued and fucked in My Two Stepmoms with Diana Grace once you join Younger Mommy. So what do you think? Do you agree that Its Not Cheating If Its In The Butt? Let us know in the comments! 😉